Don't Touch The Art

We’ve all been yelled at for getting too close at museums. We have a natural desire to touch art, be a part of it, and even put a mustache on it.

So, we've created a tech innovation that allows you to get impossibly close, leave your mark, and make a statement.

Collaborate with everyone from Andy Warhol to a complete stranger.


The Screen:

An interactive layer in front of familiar art. Co-collaborate, get close, be destructive. It's the ideal amount of danger.


Our unique screen experience will be revealed at an event/opening of a new appropriation art exhibit.


Getting The Word Out:

EMAIL: A museum members only invitation to this unique experience.


Ticket: Additionally, members will receive a ticket invitation when visiting SFMOMA.


Billboard Appropriation: We will Promote the event by creating on top of existing ads, just as members will create on top of existing art.


Members will sign up for the experience through a secret tab of the SFMOMA website.


They will be encouraged to choose a "medium" to digitally create with and will be placed into collaborative groups

At last, we get to Touch the Art


Go home, chill, become an Instagram artist:

Every appropriation piece created at the event will be shared on our social gallery. where you can relish in your creative brilliance and reconnect with your collaborative team from the night.

The Short Version:


The User Experience Journey:

Creative: Tori Seitelman

Creative: Sarah Sutton